Bird Control

Statewide Pest Solutions specialise in effective control of Birds in commercial, industrial, residencial  and rural properties..... We have a number of  solutions to meet your needs
Bird Netting​​

We are specialised installers of bird netting in the new england region and have serviced many commercial, rural and industrial properties.

 Bird Netting is an effective way to humanely get rid of pest birds and can be very costly to you and your business, especially when they gather, nest and poop.

Bird netting provides natural U.V. protection and won't discolor when it gets dirty and dusty. Installed properly, this type of bird netting is almost invisible.







Bird Away
Avithor Bird Away Visual & Olfactory Bird Repellent is 100% natural and pesticide free. It is discreet, non-harmful and highly effective at repelling birds from buildings and other structures. The Gel is placed in uv stabalised, low profile AVITHOR dishes. The light reflected off the gel simulates sparkles and to birds this resembleds flames . This deters the bird from landing in those areas

Bird Spikes
Bird spikes are often installed in areas wjhere preventative bird netting is inaccesible to install. These are a discreet and harmless solution thatoffers long-term value bird control for your business or home, saving on cleaning and maintenance bills.

Bird Gard

Bird Gard units are designed to effectively remove pest birds from your property. A built-in microprocessor in our electronic bird control unitscontinually randomizes the order the sounds play and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents birds from becoming habituated and keeps birds out of your business